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An Interview Of Felix Frenzel On World Record Attempt

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Interview Of Felix Frenzel On his World record attempt

Please introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Felix Frenzel. I am 33 years old, married, and have a daughter. Professionally, I earn my living with the planning and execution of projects. diamondback clarity 24 I like to travel a lot in the big wide world and love endurance sports.

What exactly is behind your world record attempt?

Next Saturday 03.08.19 I would like to try to get into the Guinness Book of Records, in which I set the world record for the most, with the scooter, in 24 hours visiting countries.

My route starts in Italy just before the Swiss border and takes me through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria with the destination Lindau on Lake Constance. In total, I will have traveled to 5 countries and completed 160 – 170 km in the end.

How did you get into the scooter?

I have always tried with great passion to push my own limits and my big dream was always to do a triathlon over the Ironman distance. But my left knee no longer participates in running. When I went to choose a scooter with my two-year-old daughter, I also tried a model and was immediately blown away. “Wow, this is the alternative to running and is even more fun due to the acceleration!”

In June I completed my DIY triathlon and paddled 11 kilometers, rode 44 km scooters, and cycled 182 km. After the 44 km on the scooter, I was really flat, but I noticed that there was more to it.

So far I have only used one city scooter for triathlon and training, but for the world record attempt, I will ride a 26″ scooter.

Why such a world record attempt?

On the one hand, I am passionate about endurance sports and love to measure my own ideas against reality. On the other hand, it is part of my attempt to live more adventurously. I’ve had a few big trips that have been real adventures for me, but every time I got home, I was missing something and everyday life felt a little bland. After the last big trip, I decided that the adventure could also work at home.

By adventure I mean doing something new, something that challenges me physically and mentally and that can also be a little daunting. I find all this in this world record attempt. New is the scooter ride. The long-distance will certainly be a physical challenge and, if the body gets tired, will also lead me mentally to the limit. For the official world record, I need witnesses on the road and also media coverage. Going public for the first time is for me, as for most people, first of all outside my comfort zone and thus the component of this adventure that causes the most tingling in the stomach.

How did you prepare for the ride?

Unfortunately, I didn’t train so much on the scooter itself. But I ride a lot of bikes and swim regularly, so it shouldn’t fail because of endurance.

After I realized that the best route to cross as many countries as possible leads along the Hinterrhein, I worked out the exact route with google maps and komoot.

In order not to spend ages on the road trying to find witnesses, I wrote to as many places as possible, such as hotels and tourist offices along the route. So far, I also have at least one commitment for each country. The big challenge will be to find more along the way without losing too much time.

How else do you use the scooter?

Since my triathlon, the best women’s hybrid bike love the combination of scooter and pack raft. I attached the scooter to the boat faster than the bike and I don’t have to worry about chain oil and sprockets. When riding a scooter, the backpack with a boat and paddle is less annoying due to the upright posture. All in all, a great thing for river hiking when entry and exit are not at the same point!

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