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Red Carpet Vegas Hotel Deals For Unmatched Nightlife And Daylife Experiences

Red Carpet Vegas Hotel Deals For Unmatched Nightlife And Daylife Experiences

by John Eshan

VIP hosts have the power to skip club lines, waive cover fees, and provide a table with your choice of bottles. But these services don’t come cheap! A-List Vegas VIP host Manny Kess has worked with celebrities and luminaries from Super Bowl MVP Von Miller to R&B singer Usher. He shares his winning tips for owning Sin City nightlife like a pro.

Enhance Your Nightlife And Dayclub Experience

With Red Carpet VIP you will receive the full red-carpet treatment at all of your Vegas nightclubs and pool parties. Your host will meet you prior to the club and walk you right past the velvet ropes. Once inside your party host will take care of all your needs. Whether it be bottle service, limo services, VIP entry, atmosphere models or club crawls, our team will make sure you have a night to remember.

Red Carpet VIP is the only VIP concierge in Red Carpet Vegas hotel deals and guaranteed table bookings at Encore Beach Club, XS Nightclub, Marquee Nightclub, Light Nightclub, Hakkasan, Wet Republic, Drai’s and many other Las Vegas nightclubs. Let us plan your bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday party, anniversary or any other special event.

Book With Red Carpet VIP

We can help you book VIP tickets, limo service, bottle service, Atmosphere Models, club crawls, and hotel deals for the top Vegas nightclubs and pool parties including Encore Beach Club, Omnia Nightclub, XS Nightclub, Marquee, Drai’s and more. We’re the largest and longest-running VIP concierge in Las Vegas. Contact us or fill out the form to get started. Make your friends and family feel like celebrities by bringing in a host to announce them as they walk the red carpet. Our hosts will interview and take glamour shots on social media to give your event a buzz. Let us help you throw a star-studded party your guests will never forget.

XS Nightclub

Built inside the Wynn hotel and casino, XS Nightclub is the golden standard to which all other Vegas clubs try to measure up. It brings the best DJs, most electrifying production and premium service to Las Vegas. Unlike other popular clubs, where the dance floor gets so crowded that it’s impossible to walk without bumping into someone, XS is designed for flow and poise. Large walkways, accessible tables on the dance floor and enough room at the bars to actually get a drink without worrying about stepping on someone make it easy to move around.

Tables range from $8,000 up to the owner’s table, which can fit up to 20 people and has a prime location directly behind the DJ booth. Most tables will require an additional host gratuity.

Marquee Nightclub

Located inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel on the Las Vegas strip Marquee Nightclub offers an elite nightlife & day club experience. The massive 60,000 square foot venue transitions guests through multiple rooms with variant musical experiences and LED walls that showcase customized light & image shows.

The VIP area of Marquee features a set of arching staircases that lead to couches and tables that face the back wall with a private bar. Tables in the Boom Box room range from a $550 minimum up to the lower dance floor on a $4,000 minimum before tax and gratuity. To check in for bottle service at Marquee, simply wait in the line designated for guest list. If unsure of where this line is, ask a security guard or host who is dressed in suits standing at the entrance to point you in the right direction.

XS Dayclub

XS is one of Vegas’s most elite dayclubs and offers bottle service to partygoers with reservations. Getting bottle service at XS will help your party avoid the lengthy lines for VIP entry and admission to the club. A large 3rd tier table at XS typically costs between $3,000 to $6,000 minimum spend and includes 12 VIP guest admissions. These tables are centrally located in the indoor area and offer a great view of the DJ stage.

Last Word

During XS Night Swims or on busy nights, outdoor tables may have limited access to the main room of the club. Guests with indoor table accommodations will receive stamps that allow them priority access to the indoor area when security closes off the outdoor section. These tables also include table real estate, a dedicated server and a selection of complimentary mixers.

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