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Scorpion Sam – The Case of Gary Hinge

by John Eshan

A social media influencer known as Scorpion Sam posts a video about feeling an eerie vibe while visiting a deserted cabin. He then disappears into the Nevada wilderness.

A search is launched. Fingerprints don’t match Gary, and a mutilated hand clutching a camera is found by campers. Police are stumped.

What Happened to Gary Hinge?

When Gary Hinge disappeared from a backcountry hiking expedition in the deserts of Nevada, he left behind a video blog where he documented his trekking and survival adventures under the alias “Scorpion Sam.” He had mentioned a mysterious cottage that appeared in one of these videos. When he never returned, his followers became engrossed in the case, speculating about aliens, witches, or even a cannibalistic spirit who was haunting him.

After an extensive search involving local police and members of the community, Gary’s family and his housemate report him missing. The authorities ping his phone and begin narrowing down the search area, but eventually find no trace of him. They do, however, discover his truck with numerous fingerprints that don’t match his own, as well as a trail of barefoot footprints that lead nowhere.

The forensic evidence seems to point to foul play, but the investigators are at an impasse. Gal Roberts, a blogger who follows Gary’s work, suggests looking into his YouTube videos for clues to his disappearance. During his video logs, Gary mentions that he visited the cabin before and felt an eerie presence while exploring it. After a brief lull, Gary’s last video entry shows him frantically searching for the cabin. His camera records a dark figure lurking in the distance.

In the following video, Gary’s voice becomes shaky and he claims to be close to finding it. He mentions that he can smell smoke, and also notices various markers on the rocky ground. Suddenly, the camera’s view is obscured by darkness and Gary hears what sounds like a human voice chanting with distortion.

Gary attempts to flee, but is quickly spotted by the dark figure. The figure grabs him and tries to pull him into the shadows, but the camera records nothing more. The next day, Gary’s sister Beverly reports him missing. The police begin an extensive search in the area where the alleged crime occurred, but find no sign of him.

Horror in the High Desert is a mockumentary in the style of true crime documentaries, and it features all of the typical tics of that genre of filming (breathless statements and over-dramatic buildups). The movie also utilizes found footage to create the illusion that viewers are actually witnessing Gary’s disappearance. It does a solid job of creating suspense and delivering the ultimate twist, but it is not without its shortcomings.

Was Gary Hinge Ever Found?

In 2021, outdoor enthusiast and survivalist Gary Hinge disappeared in Nevada’s High Desert. His mysterious disappearance prompted a massive search operation by police and family members. However, no evidence of Hinge has ever been found except for his mutilated camera-holding hand. This film follows the investigation into his disappearance by a journalist and private investigator. The film is presented in a faux documentary format and uses the found footage style to create an eerie sense of tension.

The movie starts out with a disclaimer that warns viewers that the film contains graphic images and may be disturbing. After that, the movie begins with a series of fictional talking head interviews and beautiful landscape shots. Then, the movie shifts into a pseudo-documentary format and begins to show retrieved video footage of Hinge’s death. The uncovered footage is truly horrifying and will leave viewers with a deep sense of unease.

A severly mutilated hand belonging to Gary Hinge was discovered by campers in the Nevada desert. A forensic examination of the hand revealed that it had been severed while the victim was still alive. After a tense months-long search, Gary’s family and friends were given the bad news that he was never found.

However, Hinge’s followers were not about to give up hope. They began to speculate about aliens, witches, and ghosts as the cause of his disappearance. Eventually, a group of social media users and influencers started seeking out Hinge’s last known location in the desert. They filmed their expeditions and hoped to find the shack and the person that attacked Gary Hinge.

The film ends with a black title card that informs viewers that one of these groups is on track to publish their findings in 2022. The film’s closing revelation is not unexpected considering the similarities between it and the story of the missing YouTuber Adam Towles.

Was Gary Hinge a Monster?

Aside from the fact that he hasn’t been found, Gary’s mysterious disappearance has inspired speculation as to what or who attacked him. Many people are convinced that his death was a result of supernatural or conspiratorial causes such as Area 51, atomic testing, local Indigenous rituals, satanic groups and more. Gal Roberts, a local investigative reporter and Gary’s biggest fan, begins to investigate his case and discovers that Gary posted video blogs of his adventures on the internet under the alias Scorpion Sam.

In these videos, Gary described how he had discovered a mysterious little cabin in the desert and made camp near it. He reported that he had seen smoke coming out of the chimney and felt a sense of imminent danger, which is what led him to leave the cabin and return to his truck. Upon returning to his truck, he noticed that it had been moved from its original location.

Immediately, Gal starts digging into Gary’s social media and finds that he has amassed a loyal following of over 50,000 people on his YouTube channel. Gary’s followers believe that he knows the location of the mystery cabin and are demanding he reveal it. In one of his last videos, Gary appears frightened and vowed not to expose the cabin’s location for fear of enticing inexperienced hikers into a dangerous situation.

Soon, Gary’s sister begins to contact her son and express concern that he hasn’t been heard from. She then visits a doctor and learns that Gary has been transformed into a deformed monstrous creature.

The police begin to suspect that something supernatural or paranormal is behind Gary’s disappearance. A team of experts is enlisted to examine his home, vehicle and the abandoned cabin in the desert where his body was discovered. They find that numerous strange things have happened to the house, including a hole in the wall and a large amount of blood.

After several weeks of investigation, the police decide to contact Gary’s sister to ask her to come down and talk to them. However, the person who speaks to her is not the same person who was recorded in his last video. It turns out that this man was a friend of Gary’s who wanted to remain anonymous but was pressured by Gary’s devoted fan base to speak with the authorities.

Was Gary Hinge a Ghost?

Gary Hinge was a YouTuber who specialized in hiking content. He was an experienced hiker who enjoyed exploring remote areas and recording his experiences. He often visited the Great Basin Desert in Nevada. On one occasion, he came across an unsettling cabin in the middle of the desert. The cabin gave him a sense of impending doom, so he decided to record a video about it. Unfortunately, he never returned home. He was reported missing by his housemate and sister. It was over a week before the police found his body.

Gary’s video of the mysterious cabin has been viewed by millions of people. His description of the experience has given many viewers the chills. Some people have even compared the situation to Area 51 or other mysterious government projects. Others have speculated that the murder was caused by a supernatural creature or by an escaped convict.

When Gary first arrived at the eerie cabin, he was immediately struck with a feeling of dread. He took pictures of the structure and recorded a video of his experience. His followers were shocked and confused by his story. Some of them demanded that he return to the location to prove his story.

At the time of his disappearance, Gary was a popular YouTuber with over two million subscribers. He had also gained a following on social media sites like Instagram and Reddit. His fans were eager to know what happened to him and were concerned that he was being abducted by aliens or by a supernatural being.

Although the film’s title is Horror in the High Desert, it ends with a revelation that Gary was not actually a ghost. His killer was a man who was living in the desert and had been watching him for some time. The movie’s conclusion did not sit well with many viewers because it took away from the violence, stench of smoke, and dizzying music that had accompanied Hinge’s journey.

Despite the many complaints about the ending of the film, it is important to remember that the plot was based on a true story. While some viewers were disappointed by the movie’s ending, it is still an interesting story that can be used to discuss the nature of evil.

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