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Sodick Parts

Sodick Parts: A Guide To Choosing The Right Parts

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The company builds molds that are typically larger than 1,000 tons for consumer goods, waste cans, storage containers and appliances. In a 215,000-square-foot facility, Team 1 uses seven Sodick EDMs. Schladweiler says the Sodick machines make it easy to cut difficult materials. They also have fast cutting speeds that reduce arcing risk.

Selecting The Right Parts

The success of a new machine depends on the selection of the right parts. That’s especially important for Buy Sodick Parts Online, which must be properly selected to ensure maximum performance and longevity. Crossen Engineering is a bespoke design and manufacturing company that offers everything from component design and prototyping to complete production. Recent upturns in medical work meant that the Belfast-based BS EN ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer needed to upgrade its EDM capacity and invest in a new die-sink machine.

The resulting choice was the Sodick AD35L spark-erosion machine from Sodi-Tech EDM. Designed to handle complex and awkward jobs such as stainless steel tubular stem guides for power generator turbines, the machine features optimized rib arrangements that increase rigidity by 70% with no compromise on cutting accuracy. It also comes with a range of advanced capabilities including Smart Pulse Wire control, digital Pika-W Plus super finishing circuit, onboard Heart NC CADCAM system and intelligent Q3vic EDM automatic programming.

Wire EDM Parts

One of the most accurate and economical ways to process conductive materials is with wire EDM. This no-impact machining technique slices into a workpiece with thin brass wire, cutting off unwanted material and achieving precise tolerances. Choosing the right EDM parts is critical. Among other factors, the size and shape of a part’s geometry influence how challenging it is to cut. Engineers and designers must consider geometries early in the design process to ensure that they are suitable for wire EDM. A new generation of Sodick EDMs includes a range of advanced technologies and features that enable mold makers to optimize their processes, increase precision and improve efficiency. Among the latest updates are next-generation SPW control, digital Pika-W Plus super finishing circuit and on-board Q3vic automated programming system.

Wire EDM Wear Parts

Electrical discharge machining can make precise cuts in hard conductive materials that are impossible to cut with other techniques. It also reduces stress on parts because the cutting wire never makes contact with the workpiece. Using dielectric fluid during EDM is important because it prevents current from passing through the workpiece and electrode when the spark jumps between them. It also cools the workpiece to avoid thermal shock. Dielectric fluid protects the electrode from damage and lubricates it so that the wire cuts smoothly.

During an interview at Sodick’s new North American headquarters, Evan Syverson, business development manager for Sodick’s additive and hybrid solutions line, explained that moldmakers need to consider geometry as early in the design process as possible. This is because not all geometries are compatible with EDM, and this can impact machining precision and surface finishes. For example, taller part heights require greater force to remove material and may affect the level of tolerance that can be achieved.

Wire EDM Filter Parts

Whether cutting wood or metal, it’s essential that the correct filters be used in an EDM to prevent particle buildup, which can affect machine performance. McWilliams explains how selecting the right filter can save time while also lowering maintenance costs. A new Sodick wire-erosion machine and a dedicated electrode design module are helping a tooling manufacturer to increase productivity, quality and profitability. The tensile strength of a given wire in an EDM is a vital factor that impacts how well it cuts and how easy it is to work with. The higher the tensile strength, the easier the wire is to work with.

When a subcontract manufacturer was faced with an upturn in medical work, it decided to invest in a more modern and more capable die-sinker EDM. After careful consideration, they selected the Sodick VL600QH. Specifically, they chose the economy high-column option to maximize its use in processing AM parts. The machine delivers high speeds, accuracy and stability.


The line-up of technology in this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow offers solutions that shops can use to increase capacity and improve quality. Schladweiler says Sodick’s AQ900L extra-large wire EDM machine helps his shop achieve cutting speeds with plain brass that it couldn’t get with other machines. It also reduces electrode wear.

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