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Apple: Is the Iphone 15 Worth It?

by James William

Buy Apple gift cards online from U7BUY. The Iphone 15 is the newest released smartphone to come from Apple. Even the Iphone 15 Plus is out now too! It has much stronger resolution with its photos and videos, and has a longer battery life and larger storage space. There is lots to love about the new Iphone, but is it worth it?

The Iphone 15 advertises a better camera resolution for picture and video taking. The camera has an MP of 48 with a 2x Telephoto, resulting in this super high resolutions that photos can appear with even when zoomed in. All of this can be done even while the Iphone 15 brings back the two camera design instead of the three!

The Iphone 15 also shows off a feature called the Dynamic Islands. These are pop ups that can show up whenever needed while you are doing something else. For example, if a Doordash order or Uber ride is arriving as you’re playing a mobile game, the Dynamic Island will pop up to let you know. The pop ups can even be pressed on to take you to the application.

The Dynamic Islands can even be set to where multiple applications can be viewed or checked at once. For example, you can be on a call or message a friend while keeping an eye on that timer for your laundry you have set up. All you have to do is tap and hold on the application you want in order to show it this way.

Another feature about the Iphone 15’s display is the Super Retina XDR. This makes the smartphone’s screen capable of becoming much brighter when in direct sunlight. This makes it a lot easier to view and navigate your phone during the day while outside. The HDR brightness for photos and videos taken have increased too, making them much more sunlight resistant.

One new feature is the StandBy3, which allows the user to turn their phone on its side to be able to see new information at full screen. Sounds like something we already have though, right? Well, when charging the Iphone 15, you can turn the phone on its side and have it to where it still displays the time, calendar, photos, or other widgets of information you need to keep track of.

The Iphone is made out of strong aluminum and is also dust, water, and splash resistant. The phone from the Apple online store costs $799 or about $33.29 per month. It is still possible however to be able to trade in older Iphones to chop off some of the 15’s price tag. This can range from a cut from $180 to $620 or more. Overall, with the Iphone 15’s many new features for an easier usage with its apps, it can be well worth it in the right circumstances. Shop online with U7BUY.

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