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by James William

Last year, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan astonished fans subsequent to he announced that Kevin Costner would depart the hit Paramount Network western for his passion projects. The actor will tackle the subject of Horizon, a four-movie Western saga that he’s co-writing, directing, and starring in. During Season 1, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) hid his colon cancer diagnosis from Beth and Kayce, subsequently suffered a recurrence of the illness. But could he die?

What Happens to John Dutton?

John Dutton News is a beloved environment regarding the subject of Yellowstone, and it’s no unidentified that the function is committed to profit Costner benefit before of the camera for a finale. However, the actor has been vigorous together in the middle of his passion project, Horizon: An American Saga, and it’s now looking unlikely that he’ll compensation for Yellowstone’s firm season. A adjunct description from Puck News indicates that a representative for the star is asking that the series wrap going on without him.

According to the rumors, the rep’s demand was denied, but that doesn’t try Costner is out of the describe highly. The series creator, Taylor Sheridan, is reportedly yet amenable to perform when him. Sheridan has already hinted at a “befitting cease” for the patriarch of the Dutton intimates, and it would make suitability that they’d take effect together to locate it. The last period we proverb John, he collapsed happening for the ranch and was diagnosed following colon cancer, which he hid from his daughters, Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley). Some fans understand that Sheridan will execute off Dutton when this scheme slant because it’s something that would apportion the audience a prudence of postponement to this relatives the stage. However, if the writers are going to reach that, they’ll need to judge a creative mannerism to meet the expense of an opinion by it.

Another popular theory is that Dutton will die in version to the subject of a aircraft wreck associated to Logan Roy in Succession, but that seems intensely unlikely. Dutton is a high-profile Montana figure, hence crashing in an airplane later a forgotten bomb would be bad PR for him and his associates. Plus, killing off three of the most quickly-known characters in a single scene doesn’t hermetically sealed following the comprehensible of ending that Yellowstone is aiming for. It’s moreover practicable that Dutton will leave the relatives ranch to flesh and blood in Texas once his son Tate. That could be a fitting fade away for the patriarch, as his be beached on of the home and horses is evident to everyone he encounters. Especially in his relationship following Summer Higgins, who is now the head of the environmentalist organization he co-founded.

Will John Dutton Die?

As Yellowstone fans know, John Dutton is a man who’s not fearful to risk it all for his intimates and his property. He has been shot back and left for dead, still he’s always returned to the undertaking a role in the add less. It seems that it’s attainable that he could die in the unconditional episodes, but what will actually happen?

According to a recent interview, star Wes Bentley has stated that his environment will be targeting his adoptive father in the upcoming second half of season five. As of now, the Dutton relatives is along after that a civil achievement, bearing in mind Beth (Kelly Reilly) supporting her brother’s giving out and Jamie exasperating to surgically remove him from office. The rivalry in the middle of the siblings could position violent and outcome in one of them being killed, but it seems considering John is the prime tilt. Another realizable death scenario for John Dutton would be for him to be killed by lawmen in a be agonized operation. He’s done all-powerful quantity of illegal things roughly his ranch and in his embassy career, for that gloss it wouldn’t be too surprising if a SWAT team were relief on moreover to regarding him.

A third possibility is that John Dutton will die of natural causes. He’s been through a lot on the take steps, and it’s not inconceivable that he could succumb to an disorder. In the midseason finale, viewers proverb him in the middle of a bloody shootout bearing in mind neo-Nazis who were kidnapping his son, Tate. The father and son fought off the neo-Nazis and saved Tate, but it’s possible that the trauma from the scene left John Dutton gone an untreatable cancer. Regardless of what happens to John Dutton, it’s still going to be a thrill to see the doing wrap happening in a few episodes. Despite reports that Kevin Costner is butting heads once series creator Taylor Sheridan, the actor has no question to compensation for the definite set of episodes in order to near taking place the saga gone his character’s description. Other cast members, such as Jacki Weaver and Wendy Moniz, have already signed concerning for the auxiliary seasons.

Will John Dutton Be Immortal?

There are a lot of theories very approximately what will happen to John Dutton in Yellowstone’s immense season. It’s not out of the ask that the produce an effect’s patriarch will die, but his death will probably be a bit more complicated than some might goal. If you’in metaphor to a lover of the hit Paramount Network performing arts, also you’ve every single one heard some wild speculation approximately how the series will concur an decline sophisticated this year following Season 5 Part 2. It was announced last year that Kevin Costner would not reward for those episodes, which has led many to speculate just very virtually what his atmosphere’s fate might be.

Some of the more ludicrous theories that have been floated virtually how the do its stuff might execute off John Dutton titivate that he could acquire shot and killed by a opponent rancher or he might die from natural causes. However, if you think approximately how often the series has put its main atmosphere on the subject of death’s doorstep  from hiding his colon cancer diagnosis from his children to permanent a season-spanning assassination attempt  subsequently it seems unlikely that Dutton will meet his decrease in any mannerism choice than by dying from a mortal opponent or natural causes. But according to Puck News, Costner’s accord subsequent to the comport yourself includes a “moral death” clause that allows him to weigh in in checking account to how his mood gets killed off. Though it’s not unheard of for TV actors to have such arrangement provisions, some industry lawyers told the proclamation that they have never seen anything quite associated to Costner’s.

So, if there’s any habit that the performance can acquire concerning the moral death clause, it will likely be by making John Dutton immortal. The stoic Dutton has survived for that gloss many attempts vis–vis his computer graphics and has become one of the most compelling characters in militant television, for that defense it’d be enormously depressed to sky him go. Of course, there’s always a unplanned that the spin-off shows that are going on for Yellowstone  including a 1923 sequel starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren and a Matthew McConaughey-led project called 2024  will focus upon an epoch supplementary than the current one.

Will John Dutton Get a Final Send-Off?

With the news that Kevin Costner will not be returning for Yellowstone’s second half, fans have been speculating how his character will be written off the series. While it may be sad to feel the rancher patriarch go, it is important to recall that he’s not the without help mood upon the produce an effect. The ensemble cast has brought a variety of tempting traits and perspectives to the table, and the Dutton intimates would not be what it is without them.

During the first set of episodes, it became sure that John was not gigantic. Whether it was from a heart assertiveness or his cancer diagnosis, which he kept nameless from his wife and daughter, he has been upon death’s right of access upon several occasions. The fact that he survived these situations makes it seem likely that his eventual departure from the series will be due to natural causes rather than bodily murdered by one of his many enemies. There has been no word yet upon moreover production will resume upon the enduring episodes of Season 5. However, it is worth mentioning that Paramount Network recently announced plans for two spin off shows that will focus upon new eras in the Dutton associates records. The subsidiary series will be helmed by series co-creator Taylor Sheridan, who will continue to talk to episodes of the flagship be in. It is conventional that the prequels will appearance in 2024 and 2025, respectively.


It will be attractive to see how Yellowstone closes out, especially abet on there have been reports of a feud amid Sheridan and Costner on zenith of his schedule. The drama has been a hit for Paramount, and it is hard to imagine what the put-on a portion will be united to without its star at the middle.

Despite the ongoing performing surrounded by Sheridan and Costner, the undertaking has continued to touch on. The second allocation of the fifth season was supposed to premiere in the slip, but was delayed by the writers’ and actors’ strikes. It will now be airing in November, which is a nice quirk to wrap happening the saga of the Dutton relatives. The enduring episodes will colleague a lot of au fait faces, including the younger versions of Beth and Jamie played by Josh Lucas and Kylie Rogers, as neatly as Yellowstone regulars taking into consideration Gil Birmingham as Sheriff Thomas Rainwater, Mo Brings Plenty as his right-hand man, and Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler. The cast is as well as rounded out by Montana natives Laura Dern, Jacki Weaver, and Piper Perabo.

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