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Massage Directory – Find A Massage Therapist Near You

by John Eshan

Massage therapy involves stroking, kneading and rolling of the skin and muscles. It promotes relaxation, healing and balance in the body. Find a local massage or bodywork professional that suits your needs and preferences. Browse therapist profiles, reviews and photos to find your perfect match. Find specialists in a wide variety of treatments like foot and ankle massage, hot stone massage and pregnancy massage.


MassageBook lets you search the largest directory of licensed massage therapists by business, therapist name or license number. You can also search by specialty, including everything from Ayurvedic massage to prenatal Massage Directory and reflexology to proven massage techniques for pain and injury relief like deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy. Whether she’s working with professional and semi-professional athletes or 9-5 warriors, Valory loves keeping her clients moving so they can keep doing their greatest passions. She loves building lasting relationships with her clients and supporting them as they evolve.

Couples massages offer both you and a friend or loved one the opportunity to relax together in the same room with two therapists working on your bodies simultaneously, usually for 60 minutes. Some massage therapists also provide body treatments such as pedicures or facials as part of the couples experience. This is known as a spa package. Some therapists also offer mobile massage, where they bring their equipment to your home or workplace.


The qualifications for becoming a massage therapist include completing classroom and hands-on massage training through a state-approved program, passing a licensing exam and agreeing to practice according to a code of ethics. Many massage therapists also belong to professional associations like ABMP and take continuing education classes to stay current in the field. Graduates often find work in massage therapy clinics, spas, fitness centers, chiropractic offices and hospitals, as well as in private homes and vacation resorts. Some pursue specialized certifications to be able to provide therapeutic services to specific populations, such as athletes, cancer patients or the elderly.

Many clients find their therapist through a referral from a friend or their primary care doctor. Licensed massage therapists should be certified by the National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and have a valid state license. They should also carry professional malpractice insurance. The NCBTMB’s Lookup a License service allows consumers to verify a therapist’s credentials and licensure status online.


Generally speaking, Find a Massage Therapist charge an hourly rate. Rates vary by region, setting (fitness clubs are often cheaper because they’re using the service to attract members), therapist training and specialties, as well as add-on services such as aromatherapy. If you have a health insurance plan, check to see whether or not your policy covers massage therapy. In some cases, you may be able to claim it as a medical expense.

When booking a session, make sure the therapist is licensed to practice in your area by checking with your local massage licensing board. It’s also important to ask therapists to provide you with proof of their credentials and to read reviews from past clients. This will give you peace of mind that you’re booking a massage therapist who has the right qualifications to help ease your pain and tension. Then, just relax and enjoy your session!


When searching for massage therapists, reviews are an important consideration. Often times, these online reviews can help you determine whether or not a therapist is suited to your needs. You can also find information on a therapist’s price range and qualifications.

Some massage therapists specialize in trigger point therapy, which is a very specific type of massage. If you are looking for a therapist who is familiar with trigger points, you should be able to tell by their online profiles or by simply asking them on the phone. For example, you can ask the therapist if they are familiar with the books by Janet Travell and David Simons.

Last Word

A good massage can provide many health benefits, including increased flexibility and mobility, boosted immunity, and a better body-mind connection. Unfortunately, massage is not always effective for some pain problems, especially if it’s not targeted to the right spots. This is why it’s important to shop around for a therapist with the right qualifications and experience.

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