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The Best Water Rowing Machines Of 2023

by John Eshan

Choosing the best rowing machine for your home gym depends on workout space and budget. Water rowers simulate the feel of outdoor rowing with a tank that sloshes with your effort and offer soothing, noise-reducing water resistance.

Air and magnetic rowers work similarly but are quieter and more affordable, while some rely on a fan pulling against air to provide wind resistance. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each type of model to find your ideal choice.

1. WaterRower Classic

The WaterRower Classic is one of the best-looking rowers on the market. It is handcrafted from American Black Walnut wood with a finish of three coats of danish oil. Its colors can range from deep brown to a silky purplish ebony. This premium hardwood is harvested from replenishable forests and is used specifically for its ability to increase longevity, decrease noise and vibration, and enhance ergonomics. It is also equipped with a state-of-the-art S4 monitor that displays performance metrics such as stroke rate, heart rate, total strokes, distance, duration, watts, and calories burned per hour.

The main reason that people love the WaterRower is because it provides a natural, fluid feel to your workout. It’s a low-impact exercise that works all major muscle groups and increases cardiovascular endurance without putting too much stress on the joints. It’s no wonder that doctors and physical therapists recommend it! Plus, it’s super easy to maintain since it doesn’t have any moving parts that can wear out or need lubrication and it has a polycarbonate tank that is virtually indestructible.

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2. LIT Strength Machine

This machine is a water-based rower that aims to be an all-in-one strength and cardio piece of equipment. It offers a robust selection of live and on-demand workout classes, as well as stat tracking via the LIT app.

One unique feature is the ability to adjust resistance level at the touch of a button. You simply flip a switch on the handle attachment and more or less water will flow from the tank to create a different resistance level. This is a nice change from most air or water resistance rowers that require you to siphon the tank and change the levels manually.

The machine also features extended horizontal foot plates to accommodate any size feet and reduce the risk of hip flexor injuries common with shorter rowers. It’s fairly lightweight (out of the box it weighs 70 pounds and 89 pounds with the water tank full) and can be folded in half vertically to save space.

If you’re looking for a rower that also allows you to do core, booty and Barre training, and physical therapy-based exercises, this is the best option. Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame and 5-year limited warranty on nearly every other component.

3. Obsidian Surge

This budget rower from Sunny Health & Fitness is a solid choice for people who want to get the feel of water-based resistance but aren’t ready to shell out the big bucks. The model features a tank with 16 hydro blades and can support users up to 300 pounds. It has front-mounted wheels for easy transport and storage.

The monitor on this rower is more advanced than you’ll find on most machines in this price range, allowing you to track your progress with metrics like 500m time, strokes per minute, calories burned, ambient temperature, and heart rate (compatible with ANT+ chest strap; sold separately). The Obsidian Surge also allows you to connect your favorite mobile device via Bluetooth so you can row along with workout routines designed by Sunny Fitness trainers.

One downside to this machine is that it takes up a lot of space when stored upright, so you’ll want to be sure you have enough room in your home before purchasing it. Fortunately, the frame is light and sturdy enough that you can easily lift it vertically to store it against a wall.

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4. Sunny Health & Fitness Incline Tank

With an easy-to-use interface and simple setup, this device is perfect for those looking to build up their strength and stamina at home. The magnetic resistance system makes it easy to control your workout intensity, while the convenient LCD screen displays all the relevant data you need to monitor your progress. For added motivation, the compatible heart rate monitor lets you set targeted fitness goals.

The dynamic incline feature of this machine adds an extra challenge to your rowing routine, challenging your core and legs even harder as you work to pull yourself uphill with each stroke. You can also add a variety of handlebar movements to target different muscles and keep your workout fresh.

If you’re a beginner to rowing, we recommend starting with these 10-minute incline HIIT workouts. These workouts are designed to help you build your intensity and strength, so you can eventually row for longer periods of time without getting tired. As you continue to row, you’ll also develop your endurance, which is essential for long-distance running or stair-climbing. Ultimately, rowing is an effective full-body workout that burns major calories and stimulates muscle growth.

5. Mr. Captain

The Mr. Captain is a Chinese knockoff of the Water Rower, but it still delivers a great workout and is very affordable. It does not use oak wood and has a less high-tech monitor than the WaterRower, but it is well-built, sleek, functional, and looks fantastic. The lower-tech monitor also tracks fitness data reasonably well and is compatible with a chest strap heartrate monitor, which is not included with the machine.

This water rower uses actual water resistance rather than an electric motor to make the exercise feel more realistic and challenging. Users fill a tank with water, which is then connected to paddles that are spun during the workout. As you row, the faster you go, the more water is displaced, which increases the difficulty of the workout.

The frame is made from long-lasting waxed and oiled antique oak wood that won’t rust, scratch, or be affected by environmental factors. This helps keep the machine looking its best and extending its lifespan. It has a dual rail system that makes for a smooth, fluid rowing motion without the jerkiness found in cheaper machines.

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