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Chael Sonnen’s Wife

by John Eshan

Chael Sonnen is a retired MMA star who now works as a commentator and promoter. He has also started his own submission grappling promotion called SUG. He is an American promoter and is well known for his trash talk. He is also a great fighter and has won many matches. He is married to Brittany Smith and they have two children.

Brittany Smith Sonnen Is The Wife Of Chael Sonnen

Brittany Smith Sonnen, wife of Chael Sonnen, is a private person who has kept her life away from the limelight. Nevertheless, her relationship with Chael has gained her immense popularity amongst fans. She lives with her husband and two children in West Linn, Oregon, United States. She has a son and daughter, Theo and Pria. Brittany was born on 18 April 1985 and is 38 years old as of 2023. Sonnen, a retired American mixed martial artist and submission grappling promoter, is known for his trash-talking skills and strong wrestling. He has made his name in the UFC, where he competed as a middleweight and light heavyweight fighter. He also fought in Pancrase and World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC). He has never won a world championship but he is still recognized as a top-notch fighter.

His resurgence into the spotlight as one of the best middleweight fighters in the sport is a lesson to young fighters on how to use the microphone to raise their stock. His promos during the first fight against Anderson Silva are regarded as some of the best in MMA history. Although his reputation in the ring is impeccable, Sonnen’s impact on MMA goes beyond that. His charismatic personality, ability to promote fights and willingness to engage in verbal battles have left an indelible mark on the sport. While some may love him, others hate him, but he is undoubtedly a recognizable figure in the industry.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Sonnen revealed how he met his wife. He claimed that he first met her in a brawl in Portland and she “ran away.” However, Chael was determined to pursue her and followed her through a massive crowd for another shot. He then pulled a simple trick from the dating book: he informed her that his phone had died and asked her to borrow hers. She naively fell for the ploy and agreed to meet him again the next day. The couple has two kids, a son and a daughter, Theo and Pria. Theo was born in 2015, while Pria was born in 2016. Unfortunately, their third child, Blauna Dian, died shortly after her birth due to listeria.

Brittany Is A Private Individual

The wife of former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen is a private individual and maintains a low profile. She has two children, a son named Theo Stephen and a daughter called Pria. The family lives in West Linn, Oregon. Brittany is a businesswoman and she has amassed a considerable wealth through her career. Her net worth is around $1 million. Before meeting Chael, Brittany was a hair stylist and salon owner. Her family members are very supportive of her and play an important role in her life. They are always there for her to guide her and help her achieve her goals in life. The names of her parents and siblings are not available and their photographs have also been kept private.

Chael and Brittany met during a fight in Portland. He made a light conversation with her, but she ran away. However, Chael continued to pursue her and managed to get her phone number. They married in July 2013. The couple has two children: a son, Theo, and a daughter, Pria. In the MMA world, Chael is famous for his trash-talking and wrestling prowess. He has a long list of achievements in the sport and he has competed for many of the biggest organizations in the world. He has even worked as a commentator.

Chael is known for his aggressive style of fighting and his ability to rile up his opponents before the fight. His promos are considered some of the best one-person build-ups in the history of MMA. Despite his controversial and brash nature, Chael has been able to maintain a peaceful and happy marriage with Brittany. They have a beautiful daughter and a strong bond with their family.

In his spare time, Chael enjoys playing tennis and basketball. He also likes to spend time with his family and friends. He is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and plays fantasy football. He also supports charities and has a passion for helping people in need. He has donated money to various causes, including raising funds for cancer research and helping homeless veterans.

Brittany Is A Mother

Chael Sonnen has two children with his wife, Brittany. They live in West Linn, Oregon. The couple has a son named Thero and a daughter, Pria. Brittany is a doting mother to her kids, and she brings out the soft side of her husband when around their family. Despite being a tough guy in the Octagon, Chael Sonnen is a loving father and husband. Chael and Brittany have a great love story. They met for the first time during a fight in Portland. He said that he noticed her through the crowd, but she ran away. He followed her for a while and tried to talk to her, but she kept running away. Finally, he caught up to her and asked for her number. He pretended that his phone was dead and asked her to lend him one, but she told him that she never gives out her phone numbers to strangers.

The couple married in July 2013 and are happy together. They have a beautiful son and daughter. They have been supportive of Chael’s MMA career and even endured his legal troubles and drug scandals. They have been together since then, and they have supported each other through tough times. Brittany is a Christian and lives by her faith. She has a strong American background and is deeply rooted in American culture and values. She is an inspiration to many women.

She is also a talented businesswoman and an accomplished athlete. She has won several awards for her accomplishments and has been a role model for other women. In addition to her achievements, she has a good sense of humor and is a great entertainer. Brittany has a lot of success in her life, and she is grateful for the support of her family. She is also proud of her accomplishments in MMA, which have made her a household name. She is an example for other athletes and women to follow, and she hopes to continue her successes in the future. She wants to make a difference in the world through her actions, and she strives to do her best every day.

Brittany Is A Businesswoman

Besides her impressive fighting skills, Brittany is also a savvy businesswoman. She is the owner of a hair salon and a martial arts gym. She has been working in these fields for more than a decade. Brittany is known for her hard-working attitude and dedication to her work. She is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs. Brittany is a married woman who has two children with Chael Sonnen. The couple has been together for more than a decade. They have a son named Thero and a daughter named Pria. The couple is living in West Linn, Oregon.

Before marrying Chael, Brittany was a successful hair stylist and salon owner. She is also a devoted mother and has a strong passion for martial arts. Her hard-working nature and determination has helped her achieve great success in her career. Moreover, she has built a good reputation in the martial arts industry for her witty trash-talking abilities.

Chael Sonnen is a retired American mixed martial artist, who competed in the UFC for over a decade. He is also a well-known MMA analyst and commentator. He has participated in some of the biggest fights in MMA history. His rivalries and feuds with other famous fighters have made him one of the most recognizable names in the sport.


He has been the subject of several controversies during his career, including legal troubles and drug scandals. However, he has maintained his integrity and has remained dedicated to the sport. He has a vast network of fans and has earned a respectable position in the industry.

Sonnen’s love for his family is evident in the way he treats his wife and children. He is usually a tough guy in the Octagon, but when he’s with his family, he becomes a caring father and husband. The couple is incredibly happy together and has no plans of breaking up. They have been together for over a decade and their marriage is thriving. Brittany is a very supportive wife and has always been by her husband’s side. She has also supported his MMA career, even during his most difficult times.

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