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Hustlers University Review

by John Eshan

Hustlers University is an online course that promises a 50% commission for affiliates who promote it. The program uses video lessons hosted in a private Discord server. It targets young men in their 20s who believe that the world is against them. The course claims to help learners make money online from day 1 through high ROI money-making skills. However, most of the tactics taught are old and no longer work.

The War Room

In the War Room, members are held to a high standard. If they don’t meet expectations, they can be kicked out of the group. They are also encouraged to share their success stories in order to motivate others. However, the group is not for everyone. It is for men who are serious about building their businesses. The group has several “campuses”, each with its own chatroom and courses. The campuses are geared towards various income-generating skills, including freelancing, copywriting, and e-commerce. Members also have access to a number of millionaire experts who teach them the best strategies for maximizing their profits.

The program is a money-making scheme, and it has already made waves with its frequent student success stories. It is a successor to another one of Tate’s products called Hustler’s University, which costs $5,000. Both of these programs are designed to make money by exploiting women. In one video, a member named Eli describes his methods for manipulating young girls into prostitution and webcam porn. His videos were uploaded by other members and went viral.

The Real World

The Real World is the latest version of hustlers university and it has many different courses you can choose from. The site offers courses on Amazon fba, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, stock investing, crypto currency, freelancing and copy writing. It also has a course on starting a business from scratch. The site has a clean interface and is easy to navigate. The courses are beginner-friendly and the coach provides step-by-step instructions. It also has a community where members help each other succeed. The program is affordable and includes a monthly price point.

The founder of the program, Andrew Tate, is a controversial online figure who has earned a reputation for saying controversial things to get attention. Despite being banned on most social media platforms, Tate has managed to market his program to a large audience. He has a hypermasculine personality and his program attracts mostly men. He also has a lot of success stories to back up his claims. The website has videos of people who have made a lot of money using the lessons taught in the program.

The E-Com Campus

The E-Com Campus at hustlers university is a series of online courses that teach you to build digital assets. The lessons are provided in video format, and some include supplementary materials like online tools and PDF files. The campus also includes a course on fitness, which teaches you how to stay healthy and have a strong mind.

The university is made up of several different campuses that offer different kinds of skills. Each campus is taught by an expert in the field. The E-Com Campus, for example, is taught by experts in e-commerce and Amazon FBA. This makes the university a good fit for people who want to start an online business or learn new ways of making money. Another popular campus at the university is the Copywriting Campus, which teaches you to create and sell online products. The professors at this campus are said to be experts in their fields and make more than $1 million a year. The campus also offers an affiliate program that pays you 10% commission on any sales you refer to the university.

The Stocks Campus

The Stocks Campus at hustlers university is a video-based training program that provides individuals with a wealth of knowledge on how to make money in the stock market. The program offers a unique combination of instruction and community, and has been able to help many people achieve their financial goals. The course is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile. It is easy to use and customizable, allowing students to personalize their experience. The program is not for everyone, but it can be a good fit for beginners with no money to invest. It teaches them how to make passive income in several ways, including options trading and affiliate marketing. The program also provides members with a community where they can discuss their successes and failures.

The course aims to help you build a profitable online business from the start through high ROI money-making skills. However, the claims are a bit over-ambitious. Although the course does teach multiple business models, and offers private Discord servers for learners to discuss their progress freely, most of these tactics have been tried and tested by other internet marketers.

The Network Marketing Campus

Hustlers University is a program that claims to teach you how to make money online. It offers training in various business models, including affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, and cryptocurrency trading. Many people have criticized the program as a pyramid scheme. Its founder, Andrew Tate, has been accused of encouraging students to promote the program, promising a 50% commission for every sale. This has led to many student success stories that go viral on social media.

The most popular campus at Hustlers University is the Copywriting Campus, which provides lessons in copywriting for beginners. These lessons are taught through video and include supplementary materials. Students must complete the lessons and pass a quiz to proceed to the next lesson. The program also includes a private Facebook group and online tools for promoting your work. The Fitness Campus is another popular course at Hustlers University, which teaches students how to stay healthy and active. The program features a fitness coach and step-by-step lessons that are designed for beginners. It has been praised by many fitness enthusiasts and can help you get in shape faster.

The Marketing Campus

The Marketing Campus at hustlers university is a community that teaches students about different money making methods. This includes dropshipping, crypto, and freelance work. Its lessons are mainly made for beginners, and the courses offer a lot of practical information. The program also offers a private Discord server for users to interact regularly. However, it’s important to note that this community isn’t a legitimate business and may be considered an MLM. It has been accused of being a pyramid scheme because it encourages its members to promote the course to others and earn a 50% commission.

Moreover, the program isn’t as helpful as advertised. Its main goal is to make money by promoting its own products and services. This is why it has several channels dedicated to sharing “wins,” such as photos of cash and expensive cars. These “wins” are allegedly earned by promoting Hustlers University 2.0 to other people. The program is also a little misleading in that it claims to be able to teach anyone high-paying skills. But this is simply a marketing ploy to lure people in and increase sales.

The Social Media Campus

This online platform is a money-making platform that claims to share “legitimate business models” with members. It also offers educational tools and access to an international community of people who have found financial success. In addition, the program features millionaire mentors who can provide guidance and support. The Social Media Campus at hustlers university is a subscription-based service that teaches beginners how to make money. It provides lessons in several different fields, including copywriting and e-commerce. The website includes a recommendation system that recommends courses based on your skill level and goal.

It is not clear whether the lessons in the Social Media Campus are legitimate. The site does not disclose how much the professors earn from the course, but it does claim that they make more than $10,000 per month. In addition, the curriculum seems to focus on self-promotion rather than actual business knowledge. This is a common strategy used by other hustlers, such as Tai Lopez and OMG Machines. They use controversy to attract attention and get new subscribers.

The AI Campus

The AI Campus at Hustlers University offers lessons on using Artificial Intelligence to maximize profits for your business. It is one of the most popular categories and has seen many students make thousands of dollars a month. However, the training is not for total beginners and requires a lot of hard work. The video lessons have horrible audio and if you listen to them without headphones, you will damage your eardrums.

The curriculum is comprehensive and covers multiple online money-making methods in detail. It also includes practical training. Each professor is claimed to be making 10k to 500k a month in their respective field and has a track record of success.


However, the courses are expensive and do not offer any refunds. They are not suitable for people who are under 18. However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it is possible to make money from this course. In addition, the community is supportive and helpful. Moreover, there are thousands of successful members who share their stories in the community.

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