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How to Develop Fantasy Sports Apps like SuperDraft? Features & Cost

by John Eshan

Millions of people have been interested in fantasy sports leagues and tournaments. The market for these apps grows at a rate that is accelerating, and the number is still rising. These apps have addressed a large-scale online sporting gaming market, whether it is basketball, cricket, golf, or hockey.

The fantasy sports app entices players of all ages with awards, cash prizes, and an exhilarating experience. As a result of this compulsive behavior, tremendous popularity, and massive demand, we were obliged to create a detailed guide that can be proven to be a gold mine for entrepreneurs or investors looking to develop a fantasy sports app like Superdraft.

Features of the Fantasy Sports Apps Like SuperDraft

A fantasy sports app has two those who are involved: the user/participant and the admin panel. We have taken down several essential features that both stakeholders’ apps require for fantasy sports apps like SuperDraft to perform properly.

Participants/Users App Features

The Users’app features consist of:

  • SignUp/Login Option: It is one of the most important and required features of fantasy sports apps. Users can sign up with an email address, phone number, and password, or they can use their social media accounts for the same purpose.
  • Home Screen: It’s the initial page the user sees after signing up/logging in. The page includes a range of details regarding sports, profiles, settings, tournaments, and offers, among other things.
  • Build Profile: The user can manage their entire profile and make changes such as adding, changing, or deleting details.
  • Live Score: It provides users with access to live match scores and streams.
  • Select Team: The user is able to create his team by selecting his favorite and most effective team members. Users can check data based on each player’s current standing to make informed decisions.
  • Join Game: This feature enables users to participate in any current or planned match.
  • Match Result: Users can keep an account of all of their completed matches or tournaments, as well as their results, awards, and rewards, in this section.
  • Match Analytics: This function allows the user to forecast team players’ current performance as well as the team’s past data.
  • Mail Reminders: As per the top Android app development company, the user ought to be able to get email reminders and notifications for impending matches, match invites, payments, renewals, new updates, and so on.
  • Payment Mode: Users can utilize a variety of payment methods to make in-app purchases or retain revenues.
  • In-app Chat: Users can utilize this function to interact with other players and other users of the app all over the world.
  • Social Media Sharing: The user may invite people to join and share his match results or updates on his various social media accounts.
  • Invite & Earn: The user can ask other people to join the application, and for each successful invitation, the user receives an incentive.

Admin Panel Features

The features of Admin-Panel are:

  • Signup/Login: The administrator can sign up for/login to his account using his email address/contact number and password.
  • Organize Leagues/Tournaments: Rather than participating with their recognized community, the administrator can host a sporting event to entice global people to connect and play.
  • Manage Results: The administrator can use this function to maintain track of the results of all matches played and the points gained by each player.
  • Track Payment: The admin can manage all payment information as well as user information.
  • Rewards Management: The administrator can keep track of all the awards and prizes won by each player in all sporting activities.
  • Manage Players/Teams/Matches/Tournaments: The admin can control all player, team, match, and tournament information.
  • Notifications: The notification alerts customers to the most recent updates, player performance, suggested events, daily deals, and so on.
  • Merchandise Sales: To generate income, the admin can control merchandise sales of partnered brands and teams.

How To Develop Fantasy Sports App Like SuperDraft

The following is the process of developing a fantasy sports software like SuperDraft:

1. Research the Target Audience

Before you begin building the app, conduct extensive research. It is critical to comprehend what is available in the market, how rivals have carved out their niche in the business, and who the target audience is.

Assess the user’s behavior, requests, expectations, and perceptions to gather insights into the development vision for your app.

2. Determine Monetizing Strategies

When you have completed the research, the next step is preparing for its monetization. There are several methods for monetizing your app, such as advertisements, brand partnerships, membership and entry fees, in-app purchases, and so on.

You must know which approach to employ in order to generate revenue for your sports fantasy app.

3. Hire The Development Company

The next step is to develop the fantasy sports app when you have clarified the idea, research, planning, monetization techniques, and platform to launch it on.

So go ahead and choose the best mobile app development company for the development of the app. Consider your needs and budget, then research fantastic mobile app development businesses to get the best one.

4. Create an Appealing User Interface

Users will stay interested in the application if it offers a genuine and realistic experience when playing. As a result, keep the user experience and user interface consistent to keep people involved with the app.

Develop an app that is nicely organized and straightforward, with distinctive characteristics that will keep the app relevant in comparison to competitors.

5. Design and Implementation

Create the app so that it fulfills its core objective while also giving authentic satisfaction to users. Use the appropriate form of databases, application programming interfaces, structures, and programming dialects for building fantasy sports apps.

Ensure to create a uniform user experience and user interface for an easy user experience. After developing the app, it should be evaluated with Q/As. Checking ensures that the application is without flaws, errors, and problems.

Testing an application is essential to assess if the app is correctly operating. The app is then deployed to a suitable platform (Android or iOS).

6. Support & Maintenance

There is more to do after the app has been deployed. Always collaborate with an app development company that offers post-deployment services, as well as support and maintenance.

The post-deployment service is important since the sports fantasy applications require new advancements upgrades, and bug removal after the app is launched.

The Cost To Develop Fantasy Sports Apps Like SuperDraft

After looking at the aspects of an app and its development process, it is necessary to estimate the app development expense.

Numerous variables influence the cost, including the location of the development company, the number of employees of the development team, the degree of complexity of the app, the expertise level of developers, the quality of UX design, the scale of the project, the project timeframe, and many more.

All of these aspects have a significant impact on the total expense of any application. So, taking all of these considerations into account, as well as the app’s features, the expected development cost of a fantasy sports app like SuperDraft will be between US $30,000 and $40,000.

Wrapping Up

The rise of fantasy sports apps has provided businesses with numerous advantages and chances. As a result, entrepreneurs are turning to fantasy sports app development to bolster their company’s legitimacy through increased user involvement.

So, don’t delay any longer and contact the best sports app development company to design sophisticated apps like SuperDraft and obtain a market advantage.

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