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How To Extend Your Sony Manufacturer Warranty

by John Eshan

If your Sony product has developed a fault within the warranty period, you can submit it for warranty service. You must send the defective product, together with a TLW card and a receipt of purchase, to a Sony repair facility. In addition, a Sony Protect Plus plan is available that extends the camera’s protection from two to five years. This plan offers enhanced coverage and financial protection from a wide range of problems.

Warranty Period

If you experience a defect in the Product, Sony will, at its option, repair or replace the defective Product, at no charge for labour or parts. In certain countries, SONY Manufacturer Warranty also offers an extended warranty called the TLW (Tourist Limited Warranty). This coverage is available to customers who purchase selected products outside of their country or area of residence. Depending on the coverage you choose, this warranty typically lasts for a period of one year or longer. It may also include perks like in-home service and a replacement part, in addition to standard coverage for defects.

To make a claim under the manufacturer warranty, you need to send your Product to an authorised service centre. You will need the Product’s model number, date of purchase and a dated purchase receipt.

Warranty Exclusions

If you purchased a product from Sony, chances are that you were given a warranty. This warranty protects you from the costs of repairs or replacements. It also provides you with some extra protection if your electronics are damaged due to accidental handling, such as a drop or spill. Most manufacturers’ warranties last for a year, but Sony offers extended coverage on some products.

In response to a warning from the FTC, both Sony and Nintendo have updated their warranty policies to clarify that they don’t void their warranties if you take your console to a third party for repair, or if the warranty seal is damaged. These changes are supposed to comply with a law that prohibits companies from saying that a particular service or article will void a warranty. Despite these changes, however, it’s important to note that some things are still excluded from the warranty, including accidental damage, misuse, and cosmetic damage. This is because Sony can’t know if the defect was caused by these factors.

Warranty Coverage

For a period of one year from the date of original purchase, Sony will, at its option, repair or replace, with new or refurbished Product, any Product determined to be defective. In addition to this warranty, Sony Products also carry a local warranty issued by the manufacturer (TLW). This warranty is valid only in the country/area where the Product was purchased.

During the warranty period, to obtain service under the TLW, you must send your defective Product to Sony together with a dated receipt or invoice from a Sony retailer or online store, postage prepaid. The Product must also have the TLW card and Model Name or Serial Number matching that on the set, invoice / receipt or the product carton. This warranty excludes any damage resulting from abuse, accidents, use of the Product for commercial purposes, improper cleaning, power fluctuations, contact with liquids and/or dust and any operation that is not covered by usage instructions. Further, this warranty excludes any claim resulting from damage caused by unauthorized repairs.

Warranty Claim

The warranty is a guarantee that if a product is found to be defective, the company will repair or replace it. It’s like a car or house warranty for electronics. The Sony Manufacturer Warranty covers your device against defects and malfunctions for the duration of its warranty period. This includes mechanical and electrical breakdown, normal wear and tear, dust, heat, humidity, and power-surge failures.

During the warranty period, you can send your device to an Authorized Sony Service Center for repair and replacement. The device must be sent together with the original purchase receipt and warranty card. Once you submit your device for repair, it will be returned to you. You can track the progress of your claim using your return reference number. To avoid having to pay for a repair once your warranty expires, consider an Asurion Home+ plan for your devices. It offers coverage that will never expire, and you can talk to our experts anytime.

Final Word

When you purchase a Sony Product, it comes with a Manufacturer Warranty that covers any defects in the product. During this warranty period, you can send your product to an authorised Sony service centre for repairs. If you want to extend your warranty, you can choose from the company’s Protect or Protect Plus plans. Both of these plans offer additional coverages and entitlements, including Accidental Damage from Handling protection.

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