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Upgrade Your Fog Lights With the 880 LED Fog Light Bulb

by John Eshan

If you’re looking to upgrade your fog lights for better performance and more visibility, then look no further than the 880 LED Fog Light Bulb. It offers a brighter output, higher lifespan, and lower energy consumption than halogen bulbs! These bulbs feature efficient cooling and the newest “CSP” style Philips Z ES chips that deliver a precise beam pattern, wider projection, and long throw. They also have a high-efficiency build for better heat dissipation.


The 880 LED Fog Light Bulb produces a brighter light than your stock fog lights, giving you a better view of the road and improving your driving safety. It has a 60W 13,000 lumen output and comes with a xenon white, 6500K LED light. Unlike other bulbs, it does not emit blue tinted light, which makes it perfect for use as fog lights. It also provides 360 degrees of lighting and is very easy to install.

It is a modern and high-quality bulb that provides 300% more brightness than your factory halogen fog lights. It is energy efficient and provides a long lifespan. It is a great solution for replacing your old fog lights in your car or truck. It is very simple to install and does not require any tools.


With an extended lifespan of 30,000 hours, you can drive with confidence and avoid frequent bulb replacements. These bulbs also generate far less heat than halogen lamps, extending their service life and preventing hotspots. These 880 LED bulbs use the latest Korean CSP LED chips to produce 8000 lumens output with a 6500K xenon white color that’s far brighter than original halogen bulbs! They’re also designed to mimic the OEM beam pattern for maximum visibility and safety. These 880 LED fog light bulbs are a great alternative to traditional halogen or HID lights. They offer impressive brightness, a crisp and clear colour profile, and best in class lifespan all at a competitive price. Plus, they come with a host of useful features such as efficient cooling, CANbus ready design, and IP67 waterproofing!


This 880 LED Fog Light Bulb from Lasfit is a high-performance bulb that comes with a number of useful features. It is CANbus compliant, waterproof, and features efficient cooling and a 12,000 RPM fan. It is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their fog lights while staying safe on the road. Its 5000 lumens of brightness make it a powerful light source that can be used to illuminate the path ahead of you. These bulbs are also incredibly easy to install. They feature a built-in driver and will fit most vehicles with no installation issues.

Unlike most other LED fog lights on the market that use small LED chips lined up in a row, this 880 LED fog light bulb uses Philips Z ES high-efficiency chips to produce 2X as much light as your original halogen bulb at 33% less power consumption! The resulting light beam is crisp, focused, and ideal for fog driving.


The 880 LED Fog Light Bulb is a great way to modernize your car or truck’s fog lights, check more here. This bulb replaces your old, dull halogen fog bulbs and gives you a brighter beam of light that makes it easy to see in low-light conditions. This bulb features a high power, 60W, 13,000 lumen output. This is over 400% brighter than your stock halogen fog light bulb and provides a clear, sharp beam of light for maximum visibility while on the road. Designed to perfectly fit into your factory fog light housing, these bulbs are built to mimic the size and shape of your original bulb for perfect functionality. They also feature a low-profile copper PCB and Philips Z ES “CSP” style LED chips for precise beam pattern & output.

Final Thought

These powerful 880 LED fog light bulbs don’t need a fan to cool down their powerful Philips Z ES chips because of their excellent heat management! They also have an IP68 water resistance rating, allowing them to be used in all weather conditions.

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